Architecture is our passion Uniqueness is our Aim

Architecture is our passion
Uniqueness is our Aim

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Permit Studies

This service includes a range of engineering studies such as architectural, electrical, structural, topographic, etc. required for the publication of a construction permit either for a small scale or a big scale project. Starting from an autopsy, we move on with collecting all required data and paperwork through our research team of engineers. Finally we realize all necessary studies (the studies can differ from case to case) and get them officially published and checked by the town-planning office. 

Construction of unique
Houses & Villas

We provide our complete architectural aspect and design for the creation of custom-made
distinctive residential spaces. After extended research on the character of the site area and
the environment, brainstorming with you, presentations of proposals matching your needs
and visions, we incorporate your taste into a sustainable unique construction.

Apartment Renovation

We renovate interior spaces and transform them into brand new apartments. We carefully
choose our materials to ensure the high-quality and endurance and we properly adapt our
construction to the style and aesthetics of every single case.

Commercial Buildings

Modern House




The company as a brand was founded in 2020.


Τhe founder CEO of "ASPECT DEVELOPMENTS" Mr. Christos Mantziaris has been working on the field of construction for about 20 years since the early 2000's.


The purpose of the company is to create unique constructions, homes and renovations. Our constructions are not standardized; every project is created based upon the specific needs of every client and adapted properly to the features of the property in terms of design,  functionality and environment.


Our aim is to pay attention to the personality and the aspects of every customer so that through our collaboration we can actually imprint his/her uniqueness onto our construction & design process and final result. We achieve this through proper combinations of modern and traditional elements, by paying attention to the details, the construction materials and their eco-friendliness, always following the basic line of the each concept. We respect the environment we are given space to create into and we emphasize on quality and design customization.

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For any questions or inquiries email or call us. We would be happy to answer or set up a meeting.

Head Office

Viktoros Ougko 14, 

Thessaloniki, Greece, P.C. 54625


Tel: +30 2310546205

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